Monday, February 7, 2011

Living While I Can

My temporary crown fell off. That is the worst thing that has happened around here of late.

I'll take it!

My gut says I'm on the cusp of another 'good' period where I'm not hampered so much by the adrenals. I hope to coast the wave and liquidate some of this excess fat that has stubbornly refused to go to toward the light.

I have been exercising almost daily. It tends to suck the life out of me, which is the only sign I have that maybe things might not go as well as my gut thinks. But I can pretty much show up every day and crank out some kind of work out which is saying something. I'm not brave enough to do Zumba yet, at least not until I can walk 2 miles without needing a nap.

One of the really horrible nasty things that has been riding me since before Christmas may unexpectedly resolve in a really bizarrely positive way. Once it's a done deal, I will explain things more fully, but I can't talk about it until then. Please cross your fingers and do some voodoo with dead chickens for me. I can use all the good mojo I can get.

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