Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Usual

I have lost another pound. I'm eating. I swear. There was even an actual sensation of hunger at one point.

Some burning in the back and abdomen--with strong intensity at times.

(Side note:Ran into another patient who experiences adrenal burning as opposed to pain. The ER kept asking me about pain and I kept telling them "It's not pain, I'm just on fire inside." The (completely impossible) mental picture I had? Was one in which the endoscopy had poked through my stomach and the acid was melting my innards. That's a solid 3 on my pain scale. I don't know, burning is just hot, it doesn't register as true pain for me. For comparison, steroid withdrawal muscle pain is a 7.)

Fatigue level was steady at 'I'd rather be in bed' for most of the day. Perked up a bit at night and my appetite came for a visit.

Spent the day dealing with extended family stupidity and it wore on me. If you think I'm just haven't met the rest of my family. Like the hubby says, "Your family makes me look good." To which I always say "Your family makes me look good." And it's true.

Anyway, went to work and sat on the floor with a kid who can't walk, which was a low key gig for me. The other teachers were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Glad I got a pass, but I decided tutoring is the more adrenal friendly gig and maybe I should take on another student.

I'm trucking along despite it all. Still have no idea what's going to happen next although I'm rooting for turning the corner.

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