Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Better Than Expected

I only made it to one store yesterday and then I had to rest a bit. However, my legs were strong and I didn't feel overly strained by the trip to Costco. I was happy to sit down after, though.

Then I did a very very very low key, low impact Zumba work out. It seems the asthma accumulates overnight and I spend most of the day trying to recover,and by evening I start to improve, just in time to start the cycle all over again.

I don't know if anyone reading this recalls that I tend to buy things when I don't feel well? I call it retail therapy for asthma.

I feel so godawful, that buying things is a welcome distraction and source of pleasure--it brings me outside the prison of my body. Hence the Zumba dvd.

This latest episode, I have also bought:

1.Clothes for the toddler.

2.Shoes for the toddler.

3.A zumba DVD set (which was planned, I just hadn't gotten around to it).


5.Vitamins for the toddler. Fancy ones.

Do I have the money for all this? No, not really, but it made me feel better and I just can't see beating myself up about it right now. Of course, I really need to get better before I talk myself into a new car or some other financial stupidity.

You know, I could totally see myself doing that. Buying a new car. Just because I can't breathe.

How strange.

I think the hubby needs to take the credit cards away when I'm sick in the future.

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  1. Get well soon! Glad there's been some improvement! You deserve to splurge!


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