Thursday, May 24, 2012


I had to take 10mg yesterday.

Asthma flared pretty significantly over night and into the morning. My entire rib cage was sore from being so tight. Sticking with albuterol via inhaler though. It's just easier. Ended up two-timing the inhaler with the nebulizer and still...yucko.

The fatigue was killer. And my body started acting out with that adrenal complex of sore throat and general malaise with weakness.

I gave it a few hours and added some caffeine, but things just were not improving so I caved and did 5mg. Then another 5mg.

Work was bad. I started with diarrhea which I hope was just Augmentin messing with me, but, regardless, the adrenal piece came alive with generalized stomach and back pain, increasing weakness and fatigue replete with clumsiness resulting in a cut finger and a bruise along my spine. I also lost time, zoning out and coming to with no memory of things that were said to me or that happened.

I am not sure what I should do today regarding everything.

Hopefully it's just that I did too much the other day and will settle down now that I've had a good night's sleep stayed up most the night with abdominal pain and adrenal inflammation in my back. I have another IV today and I'm looking forward to its assistance with the mess that is my body.

It's not that I get sick, you know. Bugs happen. It's that I can't seem to get better. If I feel better and act accordingly, I get sick again. Over and over again this pattern manifests, usually with adrenal strain, but now with asthma and adrenals together. It needs to stop.

On the upside (my life is not one long downer no matter how much it reads like it) I have a 'date' with a new friend and the families liked my photos. I like taking photos and it looks like I have an eye for it, if not the actual $5,000 camera needed to do it well.

I did 'silly face' photos with all the kids and it was gratifying to hear everyone laughing and enjoying the pictures at the 'graduation' party. To think I had a hand in that creating that moment just blew my mind. One family wants me to come take photos which will be fun.

As for the comment on the previous post regarding if I ate paleo. I do. Pretty much. Here are photos of lunch and dinner from Tuesday (I'm working on a food project). Breakfast was a 'green' smoothie, which I drank, but didn't care for so much.

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  1. Oh my gosh I am so sorry about this. I hope you feel better soon!

    The food looks DELICIOUS.


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