Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Email Address and Newly Discovered Allergies

For the reader who asked, my email is pissedoffpatient AT gmail DOT com.

Energy was okay yesterday. No steroids. Tried to take it easy, but probably overdid it judging by how pooped I was at the end of the day. We went to the park and I had a mom friend over. Chatting with her, I didn't get lunch until almost 2, with only 1/2 cup of yogurt for breakfast and it being the first day without steroids this week (which means even lower blood sugar than normal). I finally had to come clean that if I didn't eat,I would probably pass out. I offered her a salad, but she ran away when she saw how many greens were involved.

Later the hubby drove me around for some errands. Gah. I HATE THIS FATIGUE! I also dislike the heat edema that came to the party and failed to take a picture--just put my legs up and tried to stay cool which helped.

I have continued to work with the digestive enzymes with good success. Any failures are due to, I think, food allergies/sensitivities. So far on the list: chocolate (sob), peppers, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes (yet they are sometimes okay). Some of these I've had issues with even on Nexium, but I attributed it to GERD. 'Oh, the GERD is just bad today.'

With digestive enzymes to treat the GERD, I'm fine so long as I don't eat any offending items--this is the distinction that makes me consider it a food sensitivity or allergy.


Knock me over with a feather.

I had no idea that I had any food sensitivities, but it is becoming very clear that I am reacting to several foods the second they hit my stomach. When that happens, I have to resort to Nexium and even then it takes hours and hours for it to kick in and give me any relief.

Huh. My body can still surprise me.

This news article about a nurse who denied medical care to a student in the throes of acute asthma brought back memories. None of them good. I had one asthma attack in High School. The gym teacher ignored me. The kids laughed at me. The school nurse rolled her eyes.

I marched into the doctor's office the next day and demanded to be excused. Even at 15, I was incensed and the doctor handed a letter over no problem (I note that because it's somewhat unusual for any physician to listen to me, let alone give me what I ask for, I must've been quite persuasive).

For years, I worried they would come take my High School diploma away because I didn't have any gym classes. But I'm glad I did it. I could've easily been that student, gasping for air as a nurse locked me in the room, not even bothering to call 911 let alone dispense any medicine.

Ironically, I had an ER experience that was a lot like that once.

Today we are going out of town for a graduation party. I'm packing a picnic because I don't want to eat any crap food that might make me sick. The few restaurant meals I've had recently have not gone well. Processed restaurant food has actually been burning my mouth.

Wish me luck that I have good energy today. I need it!

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