Monday, June 11, 2012


Sunday was a pretty good day with some minor hiccups. Went to church, promptly fatigued and came home where I rested for a few hours. We didn't even make the service.

We did make it to the swimming pool. I tried to be very careful about not doing too much, as that's a trigger, but dug myself into a little hole anyway. I rested on the blanket for about an hour while the hubby and toddler swam and that seemed to do the trick.

Then before bed, limb heaviness and that slow stumbling fatigue gait came for a visit.

I hope today will be better.

Because I need to have my wits about me.

We need to get the toddler to the doctor today.

There is a growth in her ear. I think it may just be a skin tag, but it also looks like it's extending back into the ear canal. It's attached. Anchored in there, hunched down tight.

We found it by chance as, apparently, it wasn't/isn't bothering her.

But it's bothering us. Quite a bit and it needs to be looked at. Preferably before the aliens hatch in her brain.

Of course, if it is a skin tag...then she's got my messed up metabolism. Which I kind of figured. I also think she's wheat sensitive as it bloats her up pretty well. I'd like to feed her paleo food, but she ain't having it.

For having a mom whose main food group is lettuce these days and who wonders when she'll be able to afford grass-fed beef (if ever), the toddler sure is a carb junkie. You would think we keep Doritos and Milk Duds in stock here, which...I would have to die first.

You name it, I've tried it. She did eat some blueberry 'ice cream' with added spinach--pictured on the left-- you would totally eat that, right?

However, since our blender is 20 years old, it didn't puree everything (despite the half hour I gave it to gnaw on things) and she found an intact spinach leaf in her bowl. After which, she wouldn't touch it even if you gave her a ten foot pole made out of candy.

Any way. Parenting. It's not for the faint of heart. Or those who don't own a Vitamix.

If there's any breaking news of alien came from my kid's ear. Prepare yourself.

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