Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sticking It

Well, knock me over with an IV needle, they got me in one stick today! I was in and out in an hour vs. the four hour marathons I've been doing.

What changed?

Possibly nothing, but, after the doctor struggled to get a vein for a good 45 minutes the other day, I was given a supplement for "hard sticks and fragile veins."

It smells like rancid dog food.

I'm supposed to chew it.

I don't chew it. I swallow it whole

You can chew it.

The product is called Cataplex.

As for the latest...

Thursday was a good day, I enjoyed myself thoroughly just being able to do all the normal daily activities around these parts. However, the toddler is not sleeping through the night and has kept us up the last two nights, ergo, today the sleep deprivation is wiping the floor with me.

This goes back to what I posted previously. My body requires perfection, it can't function on anything less. I could take to my bed like a Victorian hysteric, but that won't make the toddler sleep and that is the big conundrum--Life is not conducive to recuperation.

Still, so long as I don't catch the cold everyone has and can get a nap as well as a good night's sleep tonight, I can pull ahead of this one. I have enough in me now to do that much.

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