Friday, June 8, 2012


A few quick pictures.

First up. This is what 'graduation from physical therapy' looks like. Lots of band-aids. Mostly to protect wounds from additional falls. All on the left, although she's got bruises on the right. She's consistent in telling me it's her hip giving out.

After I took that pic, she removed the band aids (not my preference as she falls enough I like their protection for healing scrapes and wounds) and then messed up her big toe. This is my attempt to stanch the rather profuse bleeding.

Then I made almond-flax 'toast'. Texture is just like bread, flavor is not. It's not bad different, just not bread. It will grow on me--hell, this is nothing compared to greens powder.

I made an egg mcmuffin with my almond-flax toast. It was yummy. Not my best pic, but I was very hungry.

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