Thursday, May 3, 2012


We are on attempt five to repair our refrigerator. I am stressing because the last three repair teams from the Best Buy Geek Squad said the entire plastic backing would have to be replaced because it's frozen to whatever is behind it and can't be removed without cracking.

Today's Einstein is trying to melt the ice with a blow dryer.

Which I had to provide.

Because he didn't have the tools to do his job.

He also doesn't have the backing piece, which I know was ordered. At least twice. But still hasn't arrived.

Because Best Buy and Samsung are run by monkeys who've had their frontal lobes removed.

So I guess he's just trying to make do.

But I have this awful feeling that it will be at our expense. That we will be buying a new fridge anyway. That I will be throwing out food because it's going to be 90F today and he's going to take an hour to melt the damn ice. The cooler will only hold so much.

As for the adrenals, I had great energy yesterday. Awake, alert--the ever elusive normal that I crave. I had a Coke Zero too and wow! Can I get a ZOOM ZOOM? I love caffeine. In pop. Not so much in tea because it just doesn't hit my system the same way.

I was wired yesterday in the most delicious way. I would love to do that every day, but I truly don't believe that pop in any form is really all that good for you. Not that the anti-pop science I've seen has been all that convincing. However, I do think, if they keep looking and graduate to double-blind placebo type investigations vs. the weaker observational studies I've seen dominating the media, that, eventually, the evidence of diet pop's badassery will be irrefutable.

Meanwhile, I will attempt to keep my caffeine-in-pop addiction confined to one or two indulgences a week. And maybe try harder to get hooked on coffee (blech).

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  1. yay for wired and caffeine

    I used to looove coffee well milk and sweetner really with a hint of jolt. Ohhh the jolt how I miss thee. Coke would totally wire me and coffee too, so would get decaf. I also found tea to be milder, except the steeped Tea from Tim Horton's which I don't think they have in the US. Mmmmmmmmmmmm caffeine

    I think caffeine might've got me through the last decade with whatever POTS thing I have.


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