Sunday, April 25, 2010

Before & After

Before the alternate day prednisone taper...

-I hit 800 on the peak flow meter for the first time and had started hitting 600-610 almost daily. (I had a super happy post written up about it too, which was preempted by the 'after' portion of this post.)

-I was up to exercising twice a day and was finally on the cusp of regaining lost ground. (30 min elliptical or aerobics, 1.5 mile walk with dog)

-I was pretty much back into my regular daily life groove.

After the alternate day taper started...

-I began to bleed to death.

-I lacked energy for exercise or simple daily chores.

-Had trouble staying awake--falling 'asleep' against my will. Did not feel safe to drive.

-Seem to have had some blood sugar issues.

-Weak and short of breath (not asthma)

-I felt so badly, I went to the ER.

-The asthma has mildly flared in the last 48 hours and I've lost ground on the peak flow meter. (My sincere hope is that this is just related to the general upheaval in my body and not any real asthma. As in, it will calm down when everything else does.)

I am still tired. The morning yesterday was okay, but then the rest of the day sucked lemons. I don't know what's happening. Hopefully the adrenals are slowly coming back but I am going to be pushy push pushing for some tests.

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