Saturday, April 24, 2010

If a Doctor Finds a Patient in an Exam Room, Do They Have to Treat Them?

The hubby and I had the following conversation after I woke up with my moon face.

H: What is it that prednisone does again?

Me: Suppresses the immune system.

H: Which stops the asthma?

Me: Yes. Usually.

H:They don't have any other medications? You couldn't take something else that wouldn't screw you up so bad?

Me: I don't think everyone else has the problems I do with prednisone. It's effective. Most people are fine. I'm the weirdo. It seems like doctors never see patients like me.

H:Can't they do anything for you?

Me:I'm going to call the pulmonologist and see what we can do.

H: Why not the endocrinologist?

Me: Remember when I asked the endocrinologist about Cushing's and he said I probably had it already.

H: Yeah.

Me: Notice how he offered no treatment plan? No 'watch for this and then we'll test to be sure the adrenals are working'?

H: Yeah, but isn't this an endo problem?

Me: Sure, but, if the only doctor listening to me is the pulmonologist, why would I go to the endo who doesn't care? I have to go where the care is--the specialist doesn't matter at this point.

H:Medicine doesn't make any sense.

Me: Yeah. You would think after diabetes, diabetes, diabetes all day endos would be interested in some variety. You would think people would have some compassion or some interest in preventing problems.

H: Guess not.

M:Not for me at least.

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