Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovely Lady Lumps

OB is not concerned about the lump. I was so happy I forgot to ask about a baseline mammogram, which my NP relative has strongly advised me to pursue. I believe I'm 'of age' to have my breasts put through the wringer.

I am starting birth control pills to see if that will stop the bleeding. I had been avoiding them because I had harbored secret hope I would be one of those lucky people who magically does better after pregnancy. Some women with PCOS respond really well to pregnancy--as in they go on to get pregnant the old-fashioned way. I am not one of them as it turns out.

I am so tired.

So so so so tired.

My lungs have that raw road-rash-with-a-side-of-rock-salt feeling that I hate so much. The thought of huffing into the peak flow meter makes me want to take a nap first. (And yet I continue to blog like a woman possessed, weird dichotomy. I don't get it either.)

The OB asked me about exercise and I said, "Well, two weeks ago I was doing great. Working out twice a day. Now, with the prednisone taper and withdrawal, coming here is about it for me."

This is temporary, right? My adrenals will come back, right?

There's no way this weird back pain I have by the kidneys on both sides is in any way related, right?

The past does not have to predict the future, right?

At least I can finally take something OFF the to-do list in the side bar.

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