Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stillness in the Mind but Wheezing at the Depot

So guess what? 40mg and up of Prednisone turns me into a raving lunatic, that's what. I'm on 20mg now and whoa! what a difference. The hamster in my brain finally stopped running on the wheel.

Or maybe it died.

Regardless, I feel so much calmer. I actually slept for almost 8 hours.

Maybe I should have titled the blog...Pissed Off on Prednisone?

Unfortunately, I woke up wheezing this morning. I didn't even bother with the peak flow meter, just sucked down some Proventil and moved forward with the day. If I ignore it maybe it won't bother me.

I think the problem was I over did it again yesterday. We went to Home Depot trying to gather some supplies for a never ending home remodel. I toddler wrangled alone while the hubby did manly things with various power tools. So I had to carry the toddler--who was being especially impudent and contrary--and run after her. Plus there were smells in the air that I'm not sure belonged in my lungs; chemicals, wood, dust etc...

My knees stuck around this time, but the lungs began to act up. The gunk rattlesnake started slithering around in there (just on the right side as usual) and my oompff got up and left. I hit the wall and it wasn't pretty.

So I suspect that is why I woke up to a high pitched whistling wheeze this morning.

They told me it would take a month to recover. I didn't believe them, but I think I need to just recognize that I'm not quite at day 15 here of recovery and they were probably right.


  1. I understand your comments on prednisone. A necessary evil. I think patience with the lungs is one of the hardest skills to cultivate. Wishing you speedy healing.

  2. Thank you Diane for your kind words! :)



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