Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pumping Up the Blood

The OB appointment has been made for next week. Now I'm running in circles trying to get the tests from yesterday released to her because they refuse to give me copies.

They say they 'can't.'

Which is bullshit.

I know for a fact the doctor or NP can print shit off and hand it to me. They do it all the time.

God forbid patients be able to facilitate medical care with actual information. Can't have that, bureaucracy trumps health care.

I know better than to think I'll win this one. Red tape is evil. I would love to see some patient friendly laws on obtaining medical records. It shouldn't be this hard to get information to your doctor. (I'm also in favor of electronic records that can be accessed by any physician anywhere.)

In other news, since I was flirting with anemia before, I am now taking iron and C twice a day for a while. I feel like I've faded a bit. Just not as strong as I was. I rested most of the day yesterday and today did a s-l-o-w work out on the elliptical this morning. Hopefully I'll bounce back pretty quickly.

It's not like I can't breath or anything. So I'm not that sick. Non-asthma sick = easy. Usually.

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  1. I am completely with you on getting copies of your records. I have had great care under the military but getting records to the right doctor is always a problem. So now anytime I have a test done I always ask how soon I can get a copy of the results. I refuse to accept no for answer. But I can't manage rescheduling appts because the doctor doesn't have my results. Plus I've discovered that there is always something else on the report that the doctor doesn't bother to tell you about.

    Visiting from chronic babe.
    Renee (AKA Shalunya)


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