Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes I Am Prescient

When I was a kid, don't ask me why, but I once said "Man, it would really suck to have asthma and be diabetic, wouldn't it?"

I was 16 at the time. I have no recollection of what prompted the statement, but it stands out in my memory for some reason.

Probably because now look at me... here I am flirting with diabetes and total destruction of my thyroid (you know, just in case asthma + diabetes is easy peasy).

Hahahahaha. Irony. You blood sucking heartless bitch.

Ahem. I digress. The point is...

This afternoon I was on hold with a doctor's office for an eternity so I was googling to pass the time and found this little study abstract. (The toddler is napping by the way.)

The title alone makes me happy. "Insulin resistance is a poor predictor of type 2 diabetes in individuals with no family history of disease."

Then this: "...insulin resistance per se is not sufficient for the development of diabetes in individuals without family history of disease..."

I have no family history of diabetes. I might have a shot here. I'm trying not to get too excited because it's a snippet, one from the internet no less. Who knows where it lays (lies?*) within the broader context of science, so I'm not truly qualified to interpret it.

But it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I read it. Good enough for me!

Oh as for the hold thing...I'm trying to see if I can go back to my RE. Regular endos are too rigid. I need Doctor Cowboy not Doctor By-the-Book. Reproductive Endocrinologists are much more flexible, creative and interested in what the patients have to say in my experience.

Also, I would like to not bleed to death. Which is, unfortunately, still a concern. I am taking the pills that are supposed to stop it. They aren't working. I think I need someone who knows their way around not just the hormones, but the girly bits too and regular endos, well, they don't keep speculums in their offices now do they? Or transvaginal ultrasound equipment.

All the regular endos are totally missing out.

I didn't make an appointment yet, just called to see if I could and turns out I can! I think I will wait to see what happens with the OB, the lump and my blood pressure and decide from there whether I need to drag the RE into this mess or not.

*Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can use the word 'prescient' but can't figure out lay and lie. Sue me.

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